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1 THE WALK FOR YOUR HEART FOUNDATION on Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:27 pm


The First Family has always promoted good health for the German people. The best thing that one can do for their health is to walk. Walk for you heart! Eva Braun Hitler established in 1934 the WALK FOR YOUR HEART FOUNDATION. Her foundation has promoted good health all throughout the world. "We are so blessed with the health that God has given us." Eva Braun Hitler.

Just walk! I started this foundation to help the German people and the world to better heath. It's simple and easy to help obtain one's health. All health is of the heart, so to keep it healthy Just walk! It's just that simple and it's FREE You are your own destiny as my husband has told you, you're your fortune. Your body is your temple, it is the place of peace and harmony. God Bless I love you all. Eva Braun Hitler - 1934

I speak to the German people and German Bundestag. I'am so proud of the work that my foundation Walk For Your Heart has done not only for our Fatherland but the world. Let us together pray....
I am so honored to be able to provide so much good to so many in need. Through the support of my husband our Fuhrer has been such a rock our nations salvation to good health and proper living.

We must continue what we have started together and never end, Just Walk!

Eva Bruan Hitler - 1937

YOUTUBE CLIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-yoh850sl8

LINK: http://nsdap.yolasite.com/w-f-i-h-g.php

Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Ministerium der Volksaufklärung und der Propaganda, N.S.D.A.P.


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